The Forever Lock Bicycle U-Lock is very popular. I thought I would take time to remind everyone about proper bicycle locking technique to maximize the security of your bicycle.  When these techniques are used correctly, the Forever Lock bicycle U-lock adds a stylish and effective layer of security to your bicycle.


  1. Lock your bicycle to a secure object that is firmly attached to the ground (i.e. bike rack, street lamp, street signs, metal fence etc.). Make sure your bicycle cannot be lifted over the object it is locked to. Be especially careful that the object not a “Sucker Pole” (A rack or pole that is not actually bolted down).  
  2. If Possible Capture the bicycle frame, back tire, and the object you are locking to with the shackle of the lock. This will keep your tire and frame together as well as not leave enough room for a thief to insert tools through the area under the shackle. 

 (If possible, it is also recommended that you remove your front wheel and lock it together with your rear wheel).

  1. If possible, lock your bike in a well-lit area that is in plain view to you or others.  
  2. Use at least 2 different locks to secure your bicycle. A U-lock + Cable lock combination or 2 U-Locks are recommended.


  1. Forget to lock your bicycle.
  2. Forget to remove your key from the loading chamber!
  3. Lock your bicycle only to itself.
  4. Forget to secure the wheels of your bicycle. 
  5. Let your lock touch or lay on the ground when being used to lock your bicycle or other property. (This makes it much easier for a thief to hit it with a hammer or other tools).